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i hope i die before my friends do [entries|friends|calendar]
To the broccoli fields, Jebediah!

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[21 May 2012|08:45am]
Got this feeling that today doesn't like me.
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[26 Jan 2011|08:33am]
I think this guy is the most motivated/dedicated/hard-working/ambitious person in music today. And I say ambitious in the best kind of way. In the last two years he's realized an album with a song on it for every week of the year (first for free online, then on a cd) as well as six spit 7"s. The 7"s were both very good and with some of the best and some of my most respected artists: Bob Nanna (Braid, Hey Mercedes), Castevet, Everyone Everywhere, Empire! Empire!... and a few lesser known ones. He has plans to do a proper full length some time this spring. He's toured the country a lot and has been here in Brooklyn at least three times in the last four months. He's gone to Europe and criss crosses the US several times a year playing in basement shows and anywhere anyone will listen.

He's designed/made a bunch of cool looking shirts that are an homage to bands a lot of us liked in high school. In fact, the cover of the Castevet split was a Saves the Day album cover in the same vein as the Clash's Elvis nod record

He is also playing in a poppy/punkish band named after the Bill Murray movie "Groundhog Day" with my friend Nick and they put out a really cool sounding, cool looking six song e.p. They have plans to do a full length sometime in Spring.

He is a super nice guy and seems to be full of a lot of positive energy and I think he is going places. He's doing exactly what all of my other favorite musicians have done: build a fanbase by playing to anyone who will listen, cheap shows, putting out as much music as possible and not being a perfectionist about each little detail. Having said that, he does seem to put time and care into each detail. Bands like Green Day, the Get Up Kids, and pretty much all the pop punk bands from the nineties started out this way. These days, kids are too worried about marketing themselves and focusing on the business aspect that they forget to have fun and to make music. It's nice to have reminders that there are people who still play music the way I would if I had musical talent.

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Straight Edge [24 Jan 2011|12:09pm]
"Why not tell the truth? Moreover, why not call this group of individuals for what it is, namely a collective body of sociopaths! To imply a depth that isn't there is not fair to the reader. I mean, I've seen some of the dumbest kids who subscribe to this stuff. Calling it a subculture implies it is a culture. Culture, by definition, should not be associated with unruly morons who are against the status quo and who pride themselves on not having a motive for being against the status quo. It's like trying to find a zen experience in the antics pee wee Herman. The author, like the straight edgers themselves, attempts to envision the depth of a Socrates in the madcap protégé whose head has been hit too many times in the mosh pit. That's not fair to the kids, nor too the reader. These kids need to know that their lives have been manipulated by leftist juwes who want to harness their energies in support of a socialistic agenda."

nailed it.
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Enlightened [14 Jan 2011|03:49pm]
an oldie but a goodie.
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A review from the Theater I worked at. [25 Aug 2010|12:14pm]
I just read this review from a theater I worked at two years ago. I feel like this person really misunderstood the point of the event. There's a lot of things I find wrong about this review but it's kind of funny that it's so insane.

drexellentCollapse )
I particularly like the pros and cons, since they seem to be the opposite of what the reviewer means. Also, our staff was not indifferent, especially on the night of this event where we were all dressed up and busy all night. We actually didn't make much money off it.

But my favorite part was that they called us "dirty". I laughed really hard at my desk. We weren't dirty and were cleaned up really nice that night. I'm going to look for more reviews of places I've worked.
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Revival [29 Jul 2010|09:29pm]
BackgroundCollapse )

So I want to share some of my favorites with you. All these records are from this year with the exception of Arrows' album. They have another one coming out in August and I stumbled onto them by accident. I have provided links for all these records and you should download them for your ipods, but be nice and buy the records. They look really pretty and since vinyl has also seen a re-emergence, everyone will think you're wonderful for helping out the economy.

I'll start chronologically: (pictures are big, so I cut this)
Fiction, Science Fiction. Biographies, AutobiographiesCollapse )
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[04 Apr 2010|05:26pm]
i miss old friends today. life moves on.
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I haven't had anyone to share this with cause I don't know who cares... [03 Apr 2010|11:24pm]
I'm going to see CAP'N JAZZ in philly in july!

this last year has to be my favorite. things are going so well and THREE of my favorite bands have reunited (Sunny Day and Small Brown Bike) and now this show. i can not wait. Lately, philly has been full of bands ripping off the kinsellas. maybe i can make friends with some of them since i love them too.

so the other day, i was scheduling a patient on the phone when the following exchange occurred:

Matt: And what is your birth date?
Lady: May 20, 1942.
Matt: ok *typing*
Lady: They say World War II was started because of me *chuckles*
Matt: *immediately* So I guess that whole Pearl Harbor thing didn't really matter?
Lady: Well actually that happened a few years later, in 1944.
Matt: ..... .......Uh, I guess you're right.

That Roosevelt, what a rube! december 7, 1941? A day to live in infamy, my foot.
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[01 Jun 2009|08:12pm]
things are going quite well.
i'm excited at the possibilities. and summertime.

some (green day) videos i've liked lately.
bought the new album but haven't listened to it too much yet. it's good though.
look at how totally antisocial these lyrics are from the height of their fame

Panic SongCollapse )

jeremy enigk interview
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[16 May 2009|03:12am]

read some of the comments. what a bunch of douche bags.

i particularly liked where the third commenter calls me a "stoner". If only you knew how right you were, Professor.
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is this you reaching out to me? [19 Apr 2009|10:45pm]

job well done. next stop, sandra bullock.
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[11 Apr 2009|08:58pm]
how is it possible that all of my friends are out of town on the same weekend?
please come home.
it's boring and i have the night off and nothing to do.

things would be a lot better if you were home.
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valentine's party. [21 Jan 2009|03:55pm]
does anybody wanna work on a flyer for the valentine's day show?
i'm not entirely liking my ideas and my computer graphic skills leave a lot to be desired. i just want it to be done by the end of this week.

i'd give you all the info.
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i miss things sometimes. [09 Jan 2009|04:25am]
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[03 Jan 2009|12:58am]
At work while we listened to Jawbreaker, a woman approached my co-worker and said, "Could you please change the music?"
Co-worker, "yeah, sure."
Woman, "I'm sorry, I just don't want to listen to death metal."

1/2 of 2008 fuck off.
2/2 of 2008 you kind of ruled.

i'm better off here.

i'm finally beginning to feel good about myself on a consistent basis.
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fucking told you. [11 Dec 2008|02:35pm]
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what in the goddamn holy flying fuck is this? [10 Dec 2008|03:46am]
top mental condition, my rainbow belt-wearing ass.

in other news, i have seen some really good shows in this last month featuring people who have really influenced. most importantly and most obviously was seeing jeremy enigk on sunday night. what a great voice, even live. if you haven't checked out music that he's done, you're missing out.

and how funny and weird.

man: hey honey, my brother is here
woman: you dont have a brother.
man: uh you're right, i have two. and i love them a lot. see ya!
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[11 Nov 2008|04:15pm]
something this sad shouldn't make me so happy.

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[24 Oct 2008|02:03am]
i need some cheering up.

and i don't know why.

just having one of those kinds of jealous days.
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[07 Oct 2008|04:37pm]
you know what, sister?
i'm happy too.

p.s. i brought your phone back with me this morning.
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